We specialize in Original One of a Kind Silver Jewelry. Our collection consists of  very select imaginatiye sculpted pieces with & rare  gemstones, set in  imaginative designs.  All the items that we offer in our galleries are not representations,  or samples, but the actual unique pieces that are now available. We only post in our website what is already created and ready to ship. Browse through our galleries, find a unique piece, Wear an original Jewel, & help us support the Arts. *(Please note that by entering this site, you are agreeing not to replicate any of our pieces). None of our jewelry is mass-produced; most of the pieces we sell at our site are very unique and produced individually in our own workshop. Each piece is individually photographed, itemized, described, and posted in our site for anyone to look at. These are pieces meant to be collected and cherished. Most are signed, and most likely will become more valuable as time goes by, as some of these artists get better known. The quality and rarity of the gems is another criteria by which we choose to select many pieces. All the materials are 100% authentic and are natural not colored enhanced or treated in any way. We build upon the Idea to take a break from the ordinary, and present pieces with some personality that will stand out and not get lost in the multitude of jewelry produced now days. Every piece has a story. We believe these pieces will add harmony into your world and become inspiring wearable works of art, that most definitely have the power to enrich peoples lives.


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